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Feb 12, 1979: First World Climate Conference starts


The World Meteorogical Organisation hosted this 10 day conference in Geneva. An opportunity for various climate scientists who had becoming increasingly concerned through the 1970s about the build up of C02 (other gases were known of, but not considered game-changers at this stage).

The final statement was fairly anodyne – “more research” with no policy prescriptions.

Interestingly, there was only one Australian present (the hugely influential WG Gibbs, of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology). Compare this to the much larger contingent 11 years later at the Second Conference, by which time the issue had broken through well and truly into the policy arena. But more of that in November…


See Stephen Schneider (2009) “Science as a contact sport” on John Mason etc


Other things that happened on this day:

1998 Australian APEC Study Centre’s Conference Kyoto — The Impact on Australia 12-13 February

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