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June 11 2011 – Miners union says ‘show us the money’

The age-old battle, another skirmish…

ONE of the nation’s largest unions has threatened a blue-collar revolt should the nation’s dirtiest coalmines fail to receive the same level of assistance as they were promised under the original emissions trading scheme.
With industry compensation still being thrashed out behind closed doors, the national secretary of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, Tony Maher, said he is worried coalminers will be dudded to appease the Greens.

Coorey, P. 2011. Mine union digs in over compensation under a carbon tax. Sydney Morning Herald, 11 June, p.4.

Also on this day- 
1997 –   As late as June 1997, the US Ambassador to Australia, Ms Genta Hawkins Holmes, stated that the US would seek “binding, realistic and achievable” targets at Kyoto; she claimed that Australia should make greater use of renewable energy sources and improve its “relatively inefficient use of hydrocarbon energy”27” At the Earth Summit in New York in late June, however, the US did not announce a target and sought to include developing countries in the framework agreement. Europeans interpreted these moves as preparing the ground for a softer US position, possibly reviving an earlier proposal to develop traceable international emission permits. At the G-7 meeting in Denver in June 1997, the US, Japan and Canada refused to endorse the EU position of a binding fifteen per cent reduction target, leaving uncertain what would emerge from Kyoto. The Australian Government may yet retrieve something from the divergence of the European and US positions.
Shared Values Drive US-Australia Alliance”. Australian, 12 June 1997: “Ambassador Holmes Gives Elementary Warning on Warming”, Sydney Morning Herald, 12 June 1997.
Johnston, W.R.  and Stokes, G. 1997.  Problems in Australian Foreign Policy: January- July 1997. Australian Journal of Politics and History, Vol.43(3), pp.293-300.

On June 11, 2003, AEI and an Australian think tank, Institute for Public Affairs (IPA), cosponsored a conference titled “Non-governmental Organizations: The Growing Power of an Unelected Few,” held at the AEI offices in Washington, D.C. The conference laid the ground for the launch of “NGO Watch”-a website and political campaign cosponsored by AEI and The Federalist Society.
(Hardistry and Furdon 2004)

11-Jun-2005 – ACF calls for national deep cuts target on greenhouse

The Australian Conservation Foundation today urged a national commitment to a target of cutting greenhouse pollution by 60% by 2050 and a framework of immediate practical action, following commitments by the NSW Premier to this target and the expansion of gas and renewables to meet electricity needs in that state.
ACF Executive Director, Don Henry, said the NSW target of a 60% cut by 2050 matched that adopted by UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and the advice of Australia’s former Chief Scientist, and should offer important common ground for the national working group on climate change established at last week’s COAG.