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March 28, 2010 – Protest flotilla aims to block coal ships in Newcastle port

On this day in 2010,  “A flotilla of 60 rafts, kayaks and a yacht try to blockade coal ship movement into the port of Newcastle. Newcastle is the port through which the rapidly expanding coal mines in the Hunter Valley are being exported. “We’re not willing to accept the massive expansion of the coal industry in New South Wales and coal is Australia’s major contributor to climate change and it’s also the fastest growing,” said Rising Tide spokesperson, Naomi Hodgson.”

Source:  sourcewatch

Here’s the ABC take – Protesters trying to block Newcastle’s coal port

Also on this day-

In 1994, with the carbon tax/levy battle still ahead, the Australian Conservation Foundation tried to salvage something from the wreckage, urging “substantial rises in taxation and a jobs levy, to fund environmental and conservation measures and to reduce next year’s Budget deficit by between $1 billion and $1.5 billion.”

Ellis, S. 1994. Consensus emerges among lobbyists. The Australian Financial Review, 29 March, p.4.

In 2015 the “Setting Australia’s post-2020 target for greenhouse gas emissions” Issues Paper was released: The paper raised questions about what Australia’s post-  2020 emission reduction target should be, and how that target would affect the nation.

March 17 2007 & 2009: Democracy inaction

It’s really really hard.  Our intellectual and political tools seem inadequate for the super-wicked problem that is climate change.  Two examples two years apart illustrate this.








Meanwhile, in 2009, the launch is announced of aGlobal Citizen Consultation on Climate Change” by the Danish parliament, ahead of the Copenhagen climate conference at the end of the year.

Deliberative and monitory and “grassroots” (actually pluralist) democracy, eh?  All seemingly powerless to even slow the remorseless rise in human greenhouse gas emissions, and the rise of atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide et al.  What is to be done?  Other than carpe-ing the diems?

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