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May 3, 1990 – How green was my referendum?

It’s forgotten now, but there was a wave of green awareness/concern/hype from 1988 to early 1991 (when the Gulf War supplanted attention.)  In the middle of it the Federal Labor Government even toyed with the idea of a power-grab from the states!!

CANBERRA: Public support for Federal Government power to make national environment laws had grown to the point where a referendum could now succeed, the Minister for Primary Industries and Energy, Mr Kerin, said yesterday.

Mr Kerin raised again the need for the Commonwealth to wrest power from the States – first broached by the then-Minister for the Environment, Senator Richardson, last year – at the annual seminar of the Australian Mining Industry Council in Canberra.

Seccombe, M. 1990. Chance for green referendum, says Kerin.  Sydney Morning Herald,  4 May.

Also on this day-

The executive director of the GCP said in a Senate estimates hearing on May 3, 2001 that only one in 10 companies had met their emission reduction targets. (See also Report of the Senate Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts References Committee, “The Heat Is On: Australia’s Greenhouse Future”, chapter 8.)