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May 1st – protests, texts, research is “money down a rat hole”;

Normally I pick one “event”. Today, there’s a bunch.  In chronological order;

1971 May Day protests in Washington – non-violent direct action protests in Washington. Met with violence by police, then memory-holed…

1981 John Perry’s “Energy and Climate- Energy and Climate: Today’s Problem, Not Tomorrow’s” guest editorial received for journal Climatic Change Volume 3, Issue 3, pp 223-225


1992 French diplomat Jean Rippert presents(almost) final text of UNFCCC to the Fifth “Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee” meeting. Basically, the Americans have “won.” There will be no targets and timetables in the text to be agreed at Rio.  (Meanwhile, European business is conducting a HUGE lobbying campaign against a proposed European carbon tax)

1992 Al Gore’s Earth in the Balance published (according to Amazon!)

1996 Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher says  that “global warming research is really money right down a rathole”

“In the final budget meeting of the Science Committee on May 1, 1996, Walker asked Rohrabacher for his opinion of the various government programs to monitor climate change. Rohrabacher’s response reflects the contempt in which he holds this hard-won scientific evidence. “I think that money that goes into this global warming research is really money right down a rathole,” he said.” Gelbspan, R. (1998) Page 76-7

2006 While Washington Slept article by Mark Hertsgaard

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