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July 17th, 2014 – Australian carbon tax repealed

A year ago today, in an act of intergenerational vandalism that will be the only thing that Tony Abbott is remembered for, the Australian Senate repealed Julia Gillard’s carbon tax. You could not make it up, really.

Also on this day.
1991 Gore v Bush Sr on climate
Mr. GORE. Mr. President, I rise to introduce a resolution that calls on President Bush to provide the environmental leadership he has promised. Soon, the nations of the world will meet for the third preparatory committee meeting for the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. We have now passed a critical point in those meetings; less than a year remains before the conference will take place in Brazil. The conference provides a truly historic opportunity for all of the countries of the world to join together to chart a future for the planet that is bright for our environment as well as for our economies. I am afraid, however, that the critical importance of the meeting is escaping the President.

June 1st, 1965 – Tom Lehrer sings “Pollution”

Tom Lehrer, genius, at a nightclub in San Francisco, singing this –

And, bless him, 27 years later, George Herbert Walker Bush at the Rio Earth Summit intones “We cannot permit the extreme in the environmental movement to shut down the United States.  We cannot shut down the lives of many Americans by going extreme on the environment.”

(quoted in the Guardian, 1 June 1992.)

Which compares nicely with what his son’s spokesman Ari Fleischer once said (May 7th 2001) about the US way of life being blessed.

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