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April 18th, 1990 – White House conference on “science and economics research related to global change

George Herbert Walker Bush (like his son after him) made promises about climate change while on the presidential campaign trail that became ‘inoperative’ once he was elected.  Bush Snr had said, for example, that he’d hold a climate conference at the White House within the first year of becoming President.  Fifteen months later, and presumably over the objections of the troglodytes around him, it happened.  Oh, but look who didn’t get invited. Funny that.

Shortly thereafter President Bush invited representatives of the 20 most influential countries in the world to a White House conference on science and economics research related to global change (17-18 April, 1990, in Washington). Even though the [IPCC First Assessment Report] would soon be completed and was intended to serve as the basis for negotiating a climate convention, no invitation to attend the conference was extended to the IPCC. I was surprised and sought an explanation through my contact in the USA (Dr Robert Corell) and I was soon thereafter invited to attend. For the first time I sensed that the IPCC messages might be disturbing the formulation of a US policy about these matters.

(Bolin, 2007) Page 59-60

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