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July 9th, 1970 – Nixon, under pressure, establishes the EPA

President Richard ‘I am not a crook’ Nixon works with Congress to establish the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a new Federal agency primarily responsible for United States environmental policy.

Under extreme pressure!

It was this sort of ‘cave-in’ that compelled business to get its game face on from the early 1970s onwards.  Ooh, look, here comes neoliberalism.

Also on this day
2001 Paula Dobriansky, Undersecretary of State and Don ‘Climate Council’ Pearlman meet
2008 Bush at G8 says “Goodbye from the world’s greatest polluter”

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May 17th, 2001- Dubya Bush adminstration releases a “national energy plan”. Oh dear…

may18reliableaffordablesenvironmentallysoundDubya Bush’s administration, owing so much to the fossil fuel lobbies, paid them back in spades with the  2001 national energy plan, called “Reliable, Affordable, and Environmentally Sound Energy for America’s Future

The environmental NGO retorted with a report called  “Slower, Costlier, Dirtier.

Also on this day:

1987 – While helping the Iraqis win the Iran-Iraq war, (nowt to do with oil, everything to do with Democracy), the US suffered some ‘friendly fire’, with the loss of 37 servicemen when the USS Stark got hit.  Extraordinary privileges, Saddam Hussein had, back in the day…

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May 11th – 1988 US/Soviet teleconference, 2011, Bush shenanigans

Remember the Soviet Union (you need to be 35 plus to do so…  Well, on May 11th 1988 there was a “teleconference” about climate change – (source)


May 11, 2001: Bush Signs Oil Lobbying Organization’s Executive Order

President Bush signs Executive Order 13211. It is a verbatim copy of a “suggested” order sent in March by American Petroleum Institute official James Ford (see March 20, 2001). The executive order, enigmatically titled “Actions Concerning Regulations That Significantly Affect Energy Supply, Distribution, or Use,” exempts certain industry actions from federal review. [White House, 5/22/2001; Dubose and Bernstein, 2006, pp. 17]

and on the very same day –

In a letter of 11 May 2001 The White House asked the US NAS for assistance in identifying the areas in the science on climate change where there are greatest certainties and uncertainties. The NAS was also asked for its views on whether there are any substantive differences between the IPCC reports and the IPCC summaries. An answer to the request was expected in early June, i.e., within less than a month. The NAS quickly appointed a special committee under the chairmanship of Dr Ralph Cicerone, chancellor of the University of California, Irving, CA, and a well-known researcher in atmospheric chemistry (and president of the NAS since 2005). Its report was ready in June…
(Bolin, 2007) Page 179

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May 7th, 2001 – Climate versus the (blessed) “American Way of Life”

“The President believes that it’s an American way of life, and that it should be the goal of policy-makers to protect [it]. The American way of life is a blessed one . . . The President also believes that the American people’s use of energy is a reflection of the strength of our economy, of the way of life that the American people have come to enjoy.”

President Dubya Bush’s press officer, Ari Fleischer.

Also on this day

2012 – PORTLAND Activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., chief prosecuting attorney for Hudson Riverkeeper and president of the Waterkeeper Alliance, spoke to the crowd. Kennedy said that coal would corrupt politicians, damage health and the environment and “turn government agencies into the sock puppets of the industries they’re supposed to regulate.”

Kennedy, activists rally in Portland against exporting coal from Northwest ports” Scott Learn, Oregonian, May 7, 2012.

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April 29th, 1970 An “early” pondering of the impact of carbon… + Australia *signs* Kyoto

Aims and Threats from Technology indeed…


Meanwhile, in 1998 Australian Environment Minister flies to New York, *signs* the Kyoto Protocol. Despite having wrangled/wangled an increase in Australia’s emissions, that’s as far as things go. On World Environment Day 2002, Prime Minister John Howard, following in Bush’s slipstream, says Australia will not ratify.

What exactly do these “conservatives” think they are conserving, other than the short-term power of their rich mates?

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March 28th, 2001 – Bush kills Kyoto Protocol

On this day in 2001 newly (s)elected President Bush reneges on promises to take action on climate (same playbook as his daddy) and says it’s not in the United States’ national interest to limit carbon emissions. Because droughts and superstorms and all sorts of other madness are in the national interest. Or something…http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2001/mar/29/globalwarming.usnews

The Kyoto Protocol ratification process drags on for another four tawdry years, until the Russians can be ‘convinced’ that it’s in their ‘interests’ to do so. And Kyoto, inadequate in 1997, is even MORE inadequate by the time discussions start in Montreal for its successor…

Also on this day;
March 28, 2010: Flotilla aims to block coal ships in Newcastle port