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February 14, 2002: Bush Announces Administration’s Alternative to Kyoto and ‘Clear Skies’ Initiative

President Bush unveils a plan to reduce the “intensity” of greenhouse gases by 18 percent. Greenhouse gas intensity is the ratio of emissions to economic output, meaning that global warming pollution would continue to grow, but at a slower pace. This target would be achieved through $4.6 billion in tax credits and incentives, spent over a five-year period, to encourage businesses and farmers to cut their emissions. For example, the plan would provide tax credits to businesses that use renewable energy sources. [CNN, 2/14/2006; New York Times, 2/14/2006] Text above lifted from here.

When they’ve refused to do something that might actually have teeth (if not ‘work’), the Bushes and Howards of this world need “alternative” schemes – thus Clear Skies, or The AP6, or the “Direct Action” scheme of Tony Abbott These are symbolic placation of the very lowest volume, designed merely to rebut the “you’re not doing anything” argument.