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8th July, 1996 – Australian Industry Greenhouse Network first mentioned (I think)

According to (my ability to search) Factiva, on this day in 1996 came the first mention (by name) of the Australian Industry Greenhouse Network, in an article called

When green and gold don’t mix

The Australian Financial Review, 8 July 1996

Australian industry will argue this week that proposed greenhouse measures will slow growth in the global economy, with Australia among the countries that would be hardest hit by a fall in trade.

This was at the second COP, held in Geneva. By this time pretty much every developed country bar Australia was pushing for some kind of emissions cuts to be agreed at the third COP, to be held in… Kyoto…

Meanwhile, the following year, another bosses’ union, the  US Business Round Table sent letter to Chuck Hagel, supporting his senate resolution (the 95-0 one), claiming “the science is less than compelling”