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Jan 8, 2013 – Prime Minister Gillard connects heatwave and climate change

As the website Climate Citizen puts it

On Tuesday January 8 [2013] the Bureau of Meteorology released an interim special climate statement on the Extreme January heat Australia is currently experiencing. Record temperatures both day-time maximum and night-time minimums continue to be broken. The extraordinary heatwave has also been the scene for catastrophic fires, especially in Tasmania. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard saw the devastation in Dunalley and among her many interviews and press conferences made a brief statement connecting the intensity of bushfires with climate change.

But of course, you’re not supposed to be able to link weather phenomena to climate.  That would be a fundamental attribution error…  Except, of course

See also the Guardian‘s take on it.

Also on this day-

Peter Walsh, finance minister under Hawke, and later to be a founding member (president?) of the Lavoisier Group takes an early pop at climate science (he’d been at it for a while already) in the Fin.

BACK in 1989 a proposal to spend $6 million on an Australian response to the greenhouse effect and climatic change was being considered. The 1990 Budget Papers identify another $17 million for climate change core research and “multifaceted programme initiatives” – which presumably includes funding various national and international greenhouse conferences so beloved by greenhouse activists.

He also in this article cites approvingly John Daly’s ‘The Greenhouse Trap’…

Walsh, P. 1991. Credibility Gap in Greenhouse Gabfests. Australian Financial Review, 8 January, p.7.


Jan 7, 2013 – Frontline Action on Coal activist sends out spoof ANZ press release…

On this day in 2013, Jonathan Moylan, an activist with Frontline Action on Coal,  sent out a false press release, pretending to be the Group Head of Corporate Sustainability of ANZ (a big bank).

“With the aid of nothing more sophisticated than a mobile phone and a laptop, Moylan put out a fake press release stating that ANZ had pulled their funding from the project on ethical grounds. He found a logo on the bank’s website, used the name of an ex-employee, and his own phone number.” [source]

The press release falsely claimed that ANZ was cancelling its $1.2 billion loan facility for Whitehaven Coal’s open-cut mine project in Maules Creek, NSW.

It was tweeted by an Australian Financial Review journo (who had at least bothered to phone Moylan) but quickly pulled when the journo’s editor saw it (by coincidence he knew

Source: SBS story as per quote above

the ex-employee). Other outlets ran the story without the phone call, and Whitehaven’s share price briefly plummeted.  Moylan’s house was raided, and after pleading guilty he was sentenced to two years in jail, but released with a two year good behavior bond.

A press release the following day by the Australian Coal Association showed them to be less than impressed…


see also – the December 2008 action by Tim DeChristopher

Also on this day-

2006.  The Bureau of Meteorology  (more bout them tomorrow) takes a break from faking climate data and Suppressing The Truth to warn of tricky times ahead –

Anon. 2006. Dire warming warning; Dearer food, more bushfires, less water on way. Canberra Times 7 January.

Rising food prices, increased bushfire risk and diminishing water supplies are some of the challenges Australia will face as the pace of global warming accelerates. The Bureau of Meteorology delivered its annual climate summary this week, showing that 2005 was Australia’s hottest year on record. The nation’s annual mean temperature for 2005 was 1.09C above the average, well- above the previous record of 0.84C in 1998.