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4 thoughts on “Corrections

  1. Dear Editor

    sorry, but your facts about the demise of the Waubra Foundation, and what we do, are grossly incorrect. The Foundation simply changed its structure in July 2011. The Waubra Foundation’s predictions/hypotheses that pulsating infrasound, low frequency noise and vibrations from coal mines, gas, coal and wind power stations and other sources of industrial “noise” were harming people via direct and involuntary impacts on the brain from stimulating a fight flight response in people nearby (out to at least 10km from 3 MW turbines, for example) are being supported increasingly by industry independent acoustic and scientific research around the world.

    I recommend you do your due diligence on the issues, and the science, if you don’t want to continue to make fools of yourselves, and mislead the public.


    1. Dear Sarah,

      First, thank you for taking the time to correct my error. That google alert on Waubra Foundation must come in handy!
      In mitigation (ha ha) I can only say that the two years I spent in Denmark, home to so many wind turbines, has clearly addled my brain. Little did I know, when I lived close to all those wind turbines, that the infrasound was giving me brain tumours, souring the milk and so on.

      I have added an update to the top of the post. I hope that I am now thoroughly schooled on doing my own due diligence (I didn’t search for the Waubra Foundation, or else I’d have found you alive and kicking. Re-registered? Or did Sourcewatch get it totally wrong?)

      I must say you missed a trick though, when writing. You could have included links to the many thousands of peer-reviewed scientific articles that back up your claims. Maybe in your next comment? And perhaps you’d like to address the 17 reviews that found no evidence?

      Also, I just want to ask, since I am so ignorant, which *specific* bits of the SourceWatch article are wrong.

      The Waubra Foundation is a front or astroturf group created by Peter Mitchell on March 1, 2010 to oppose wind farming in Australia. It was registered with Business Affairs as an incorporated body on that date but later deregistered on July 13, 2011. Ref1 Ref2
      The Waubra Foundation claims to be an independent organisation but it has direct links to the Australian Landscape Guardians, the Liberal Party of Australia and mining interests who in turn have inks with the right wing thinktank, Institute of Public Affairs, (IPA).
      The Waubra Foundation does not exist in any physical sense, there is no building, just a post office box. The address, Box No.1136, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205, is shared by Sarah Laurie, the Australian Landscape Guardians and Lowell Resources, a mining investment company owned by Peter Mitchell.
      Sarah Laurie, the Waubra Foundation’s “medical director” and now CEO, promotes unfounded health concerns and an unrecognised condition called “Wind Turbine Syndrome”, allegedly caused by wind farms despite her lack of any recognised, peer-reviewed evidence that could possibly support such claims. She has a medical degree but is not a practising doctor, has no medical research qualifications, nor does she have any recognised qualifications relating to acoustics or physics. She claims wind turbines can cause ill-health up to 10 km away but relies only on untested anecdotes and a poor understanding of the physics of sound. [1]
      Sarah Laurie frequently references the work of Dr Nina Pierpoint who has published a book called “Wind Turbine Syndrome” even though she is unqualified in the field of acoustics and/or any health effects resulting from infra-sound. An accurate critique of Pierpoint’s very unscientific claims can be found here. [2] Briefly, Pierpoint is relies on skewed data, an extremely small sample size, fails to use a control group for comparison, resorts to anecdotal evidence and has not had her work peer-reviewed.
      The Australian Landscape Guardians profess concern for the landscape and amenity, yet they are consistently silent on issues such as coal seam gas developments, expansion of opencut coal mining, mineral and property development in sensitive areas. The Australian Landscape Guardians are well-known climate sceptics with links to the Liberal Party of Australia and the Institute of Public Affairs.
      The Waubra Foundation’s links with these other groups directly conflicts with the listed objectives of the foundation…
      No 12: At all times to establish and maintain complete independence from government, industry and advocacy groups, for or against wind turbines.
      Despite claims of holding a balanced view on wind energy, not one member of the Waubra Foundation is pro-wind energy but all are known to vehemently oppose it. They all have direct or indirect links to any combination of the following, Conservative politicians, mining interests and assorted anti-wind Guardian groups. Several members are climate change denialists.

      Personally, on WTS, I’ll take the view of Simon Chapman;
      Money is a highly effective antidote. Those most exposed to wind turbines include those who have them on their land. Yet miraculously, there are no known cases of such people making claims about being adversely affected by turbines. Strangely, it is always those who see the turbines on the land of their neighbours. Money, it seems, is an astonishingly effective preventive agent in warding off Wind Turbine Syndrome.

      I had a look around the Waubra Foundation website, seeing what its position on climate change was. Nowt (but then, I perhaps I didn’t do enough due diligence?) This seems odd, since there are tens (hundreds?) of thousands of peer-reviewed scientific articles on its causes and consequences.

      Finally, thank you for taking the time to write! It’s a lonely old business, this ‘All Our Yesterdays’ lark, and I was at the point of giving up on it, but your intervention has given me encouragement to continue. #Streisandeffect


      1. Oh dear. Wrong on so many facts, yet again – Sourcewatch is no substitute for doing your own due diligence, as they are not reliable, factually correct, or up to date.

        Firstly, please see the testimony of wind turbine hosts Clive and Petrina Gare to the Australian Senate inquiry which is just about to deliver its final report to Federal Parliament on 3rd August, 2015. After receiving $ 1 million in income over the last five years, the Gares regret their decision to host 19 wind turbines, would not buy a property within 20 km of a wind turbine, and find it very difficult to sleep in their home despite extensive noise mitigation measures because of excessive wind turbine noise… and they are not alone. David and Alida Mortimer are other wind turbine hosts similarly affected by excessive noise and vibration. Please also see Lithgow resident Norman Allan’s submission and testimony to the same Federal Senate inquiry and read Mrs Theresa Grima’s testimony to the Sydney Senate inquiry hearing on 29th June, 2015 to hear what happens when sensitised residents adversely impacted by coal fired power station infrasound, low frequency noise (ILFN) and vibration and underground coal mine extractor fan sound and vibration are then exposed to wind turbine noise – they experience the same extremely debilitating symptoms, quite unexpectedly in their case, but well known to those adversely impacted by ILFN – the cross sensitisation to different noise sources is permanent and worsens with chronic exposure. That is why the health protective evidence based ILFN pollution guidelines are so important. BTW Dr Neil Kelley and his NASA colleagues established such threshold limits and guidelines thirty years ago – so why weren’t they ever implemented, I wonder ??? Remember Asbestos? Thalidomide? Tobacco? Detect a theme here, perhaps ??

        Secondly, the Australian Taxation Office have never had a problem with the Waubra Foundation, despite a number of investigations apparently instigated by those who have commercial and ideological conflicts of interest with respect to wind energy particularly. A Royal Commission will soon help clear the air …..

        Thirdly, I very much look forward to re registering to work as a rural General Practitioner, especially when there are evidence based health and sleep protective regulations for excessive infrasound and low frequency noise which apply to ALL industrial noise sources, including particularly coal mines, (open cut and underground with large extractor fans), gas turbines, coal fired power station turbines, wind turbines and CSG field compressors.

        Fourthly, the mailbox we shared years ago with a couple of hundred others belonged to an accounting firm, who did our accounts along with numerous other clients. However, that was some years ago now.

        Finally, the “real” scientific investigation is moving ahead nicely now – as distinct from “social” scientific investigations which are so clearly inspired and encouraged by the wind industry and its propaganda machine. Have a look for the work of Inagaki, the Japanese researchers, who identified that the brains of (non English speaking) Japanese wind turbine workers were unable to relax when played reproduced wind turbine sound, including infrasound. Please also have a look for the emerging reports of Tako Tsubo (adrenaline surge) “heart attack” events and serious health problems experienced in Finland by rural residents living out to 10km from 3.3 MW VESTAS wind turbines, which the Finnish health authorities are now investigating. And the work by Dr Christian Koch in Germany, relevant for many noise sources including but not limited to wind turbine noise.

        There really is no excuse for reproducing out of date drivel from Sourcewatch.

        The real issues are systemic regulatory failure with respect to the acoustic emissions energy industry generally – the same companies operate power generating facilities, and know that ILFN is a problem – Origin Energy knows from its experience at Uranquinty that infrasound at 16 Hz is a problem, yet continues to operate the Cullerin Range wind power plant ignoring the serious harm to human health that facility is causing local residents. AGL are the same with their wind power development at Macarthur. Energy Australia (owned by China Light and Power) own and operate Waterloo wind development, and Mt Piper power station at Lithgow which cause such problems for the Grima and Allan families in the Lithgow district, along with many others…..

        Why the gag agreements – for those impacted, for wind turbine hosts, and for the acoustics professionals? What do you think they might be hiding???


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