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March 8, 2012 – Fair Go for Billionaires!

Yes, we’re doomed. And all we have left is gallows humour. This, ‘Fair Go for Billionaires’ is not a bad effort. Shades of Ben Elton’s ‘Stark’ perhaps…

CHASER co-founder Charles Firth has teamed up with a union in a TV advertising campaign mocking Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s anti-mining tax stance.

The ads were launched on Thursday and feature actor Allan Billison, who plays the fictional head of a spoof Fair Go for Billionaires movement.
AAP (2012) Anti-billionaire spoof site launched 8 March 2012

Also on this day –

It’s perhaps telling (of what exactly I will leave for you to decide) that there was, in 2016, the perceived need for the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network to stage events so grant-makers could learn more about climate change…

Philanthropy Leading on Climate Change with Philanthropy Australia, in Melbourne

8 March 2016 @ 4:00 pm6:00 pm

While the AEGN has a large group of highly knowledgeable and engaged climate change funders, there are many people in the philanthropic sector who are interested in climate change but do not feel they have a good understanding of this complex area and may not have explored the impacts of climate change on the issues they are passionate about and support. With this in mind, the AEGN has partnered with Philanthropy Australia to hold two meetings for a wider philanthropic audience. This event will be an excellent ‘entry level’ activity for AEGN members who haven’t engaged in climate change funding to date.

Jan 21, 2014 – Government legislates against further temperature increases

On this day in 2014 a reliable and surely-not-satirical news source2014-01-21 reported that

With 2014 confirmed as the hottest year globally, and the third hottest in Australia, the Government has taken a decisive step to prevent further increases – introducing a new bill which would make future temperature rises illegal.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s office said the law, if passed, would lock temperatures in at 1996 levels.

“This is direct action, this is strong action, and we hope the Senate will do the right thing and pass this important bill,” she said.

Also on this day-

A year later,this report, for real, hits the world.  #lifeartwhoknowsanymore

Kirsten Tona’s article on – Government ignoring climate change while the planet burns (and published on The AIMN as Canberra fiddles while Australia burns) – contained a number of links to the CSIRO website where climate change data and modelling were available to the public.

Within a week of her article being published the links to the CSIRO website were taken down.