Rarely Asked Questions

Where did the idea for this come from?

The over-active brain of one of the core team members (inspired by “On this Deity”) but didn’t get enacted for several years.

What’s your view on the climate science?

Really? In 2015 you’re having to ask? Anyone is having to ask? This is 19th century physics (the greenhouse effect) with mid-late 20th century computer models and far too many observed impacts, many of which are happening way quicker than the science (which is small “c” conservative), had predicted.

The scientists have done all they, and “science,”can. Asking for more science, more “certainty” is a way of avoiding taking action. We’ve been avoiding taking action for a long time. That’s not working out so well as a strategy, you know.

What’s your view on x as the “solution” – where “x” is nuclear, CCS, genetically modified organisms, nanotechnology, social movements, state “intervention” in “the economy”, sociotechnical transitions,

The core team have different views on different of these technologies, as you’d expect. And our views are probably going to shift as more evidence comes in of what works/doesn’t work

On “technology”, a few observations;

  • There are no single magic bullets to the problems of climate change, environmental degradation, species loss, poverty
  • Technologies usually take a LOT longer to diffuse than the cartoon version of “progress” will have you believe.
  • Technologies come with their own baggage (some more than others) – political, economic, cultural etc
  • See also – Science and Technology Studies, Innovation Studies, the Multi-level Perspective

How come it’s so much about what rich white men did and said? You’re not passing the Bechdel test, you know.

That’s largely the history of the early days of climate science and politics; mostly men.

We’ve made real (but inadequate?) efforts to balance it all, without getting tokenistic and quota–y. If you have some suggestions for significant dates that don’t involve Mr Whitey, please let us know.

How come you’re not allowing people to post comments anonymously So much for free speech, eh, you Stalinist Pol-Pot loving tyrants.

We didn’t start this site to provide a platform for astro-turfing trolls to meet their cut-and-paste quotas. They can juke their stats somewhere else.

We think there are already great sites (Skeptical Science, Real Climate) where people can engage with climate scientists talk about the intricacies…

It’s way later than you think, and none of the core team has the inclination, time, stamina to deal with the trollalogues.

You didn’t reply to my email
No, we probably didn’t, beyond a cut and paste/one line reply Sorry about that. We’d like to promise we will get better at that, but given that we are VERY unlikely to devote the resources, that would be a disingenuous promise. Climate action already has enough of those to be going on with.

Can I share your images/blogposts

Except where
a) we are quoting copyrighted material and
b) the copyright is explicitly asserted,
>c) everything on the site is Creative Commons. Here’s more details. Short version: share/adapt as long as a) you’re not selling it and b) you say where you got it.

So what, specifically, are you guys advocating that I should do?

Genuinely, wouldn’t presume to give specific advice about your circumstances. You and your friends/colleagues are in a better place to know.

General advice that we can all agree on

Expect (and prepare) for this to be a marathon not a sprint. Social – and socio-technical- change doesn’t happen because of one march, one meeting, one conference, one protest, one law. And if it is a marathon not a sprint, then it follows that

a) you have to think about your morale, your expectations, your ‘resilience’

b) how you get other people involved (at whatever level they can manage) so that there are fewer single points of failure, less wheel re-invention etc

c) learn what has “worked” and what hasn’t, while constantly adapting examples and warnings to your own specific circumstances.

I’ve got a great idea for a blog post about a date that’s already gone.

To quote from the same play we got the title of this blog from “What’s done is done, it cannot be undone.” That is, we don’t have a time machine. If we did, we’d be using it to change the proper past, not rejig this site. Nowt to stop you putting the post up on your own blog/facebook etc and inserting a snide comment about how we were too clueless to have spotted the significant event. Do link to us, but…

I’ve got a great idea for a blog post for a date that’s coming up

We work a month (or more) in advance. But if you want, send us the idea (with “Idea for [Month + Date]” as the subject header and we will let you know. Do NOT be surprised or offended if

a) we do not reply at all

b) we say “thanks but no thanks”

What dates DON’T you have anything for?

Glad you asked. Mind you, there are days we want to post other things on (especially essays/op-eds)

Here is the list of dates at present (NB) some will have been filled by the time you read this

But we can’t do anything until an amazing leader comes along. And there are no amazing leaders.

(link to Chomsky on this in “Manufacturing Consent”)

Will you please link to my site?

Probably not, to be honest. The solutions are local. You need to figure out how to expand/nuture your local political ecosystem. We would urge you not to devote too much time/energy to the big intellectual jamborees

Definitely not if you are peddling a) denial b) a patented Super-Solution.

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