Comments policy

Btw, we reserve the right to pull the big kill switch on any/all comments sections if ever it gets too time-consuming/boring to do troll control. And to edit/delete comments for libel, stupidity etc. And generally take reasonable steps to keep the signal-to-noise ratio okay, and our own sanity/lives intact.

Meanwhile, we’ve stolen and adapted these below

From climatesight

Comments on any and all posts are more than welcome. However, please abide by a few rules:

Cite your statements appropriately – peer-reviewed sources for scientific claims, primary sources for quotes/current events/etc.

Don’t smear someone’s reputation based on pure speculation
. This includes, but is not limited to, climate scientists.

Please refrain from personal attacks on myself or other commenters. Mean comments about how much you hate this comment policy are also kind of pointless.

Any violations of this comment policy will be deleted.

And this from Scholars and Rogues

… we will not tolerate trolling or abusive behavior. We moderate all comments and commenters exhibiting bad faith behavior will have their offending comments deleted and they may be banned, possibly without warning. When evaluating the merit of a questionable comment, we will also consider whether said comment seeks to make any meaningful engagement the substance of the original post and/or subsequent comments in the thread. We will not, however, delete comments just because we disagree with you.

Obvious comment/trackback spam or trackbacks to sales sites or sites with viruses will earn immediate deletion and banning.

Anonymous comments are permissible. However, in the event that an anonymous commenter engages in objectionable behaviour the choice to withhold identity will be construed as an aggravating factor. We will not anonymize anyone after the fact.

Scholars & Rogues makes  We make no claims to the intellectual property embodied by or contained within any comment. However, commenters, by posting on Scholars & Rogues this site, grant publication rights to the site and agree to allow the comment, in its original form, remain on Scholars & Rogues this site indefinitely.

Finally, if you believe you were unduly deleted or banned, please contact us via the contact page and we’ll  address your concerns as best we can.

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