Every day (ish) from January 1st to December 31st 2015 a blog post will appear on this site.  Mostly these posts will be “hooked” to something on that day that happened in a previous year around the science or politics of climate change.

The purpose of the site

To be a resource for people who want to understand the history (and the path dependences?!) of the human efforts to identify and take action on the threat of disruption to the atmosphere due to anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.

For the writers to get their heads around the history, politics, economics and “culture” of climate change and other inter-related environmental threats  For the core writers to expand their networks (academic, activist, media) and their writing and other abilities

For readers – we hope people will read it, come away with a sense of just how LONG we as a species have known about this problem, and a sense of what has and has not been done. We hope that more people will get involved in taking effective action, but we will try to not make judgements about what counts as “effective”.

You can contact us at allouryesterdays2015@gmail.com

Discussions about whether or not anthropogenic global warming is “real” will not be entered into, ‘kay?

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