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June 16, 1994 – Keating meets greens and business over a carbon tax…

On this day in 1994 Prime Minister Paul Keating met with over a hundred greenies, state governments and also business groups.  The Australian Coal Association and Australian Mining Industry Council prepared a paper saying it was “high time we stopped mouthing undefinable expressions” and pursued more precision in a so-called “burden-sharing agreement”. (Gill, 1994, 17 June)

Dwyer, (1994, 17 June)  reported that

“The meeting thrust the greenhouse issue onto the economic agenda, with 10 business groups demanding the Government adopt measures that reflected Australian industry’s greater use of energy before agreeing to further international targets on greenhouse gas emissions.

“Environmental groups mounted a strong counter-attack at the meeting by accusing the Government of failing to match the effort of other countries in responding to the United Nations Climate Change Convention.”

Dwyer, M. 1994. Greenhouse ‘won’t put us in the red’. The Australian Financial Review, 17 June, p.3.

Gill, P. 1994. Call to form strategic alliances.  Australian Financial Review, 17 June.





Also on this day –

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2008 Greenpeace declares “War on Coal”- Alexander, C. 2008. Fed: Greenpeace declares war on coal. Australian Associated Press General News, 16 June.

Taylor, L. 2012Climate strategy up in smoke. Sydney Morning Herald, 16 June.

IT WAS the technology that was going to help underpin the nation’s climate change strategy. In 2009, the then prime minister, Kevin Rudd, pledged to ”lead the world” in carbon capture and storage technology, which traps carbon dioxide emissions, permanently storing them deep underground.