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June 3, 1989 – Liberals planning green push

In 1989 everyone was running around trying to be green.  The Tasmanian state elections of May had sharpened everyone’s attention, with the Greens getting 15% of the vote.  On this day 28 years ago the Federal Liberal Shadow Environment Minister spoke to journalists about the Liberal plan, which he had been working on for a year.  The Liberals went to the March 1990 Federal Election with a more ambitious emissions reduction target than Lbor.  It did them no good, and all that would be swept aside in the following years…


Jones, B. 1989. Libs endorse ‘Climate Policy’. Sun Herald, 4 June, p.5.

THE Federal Opposition is preparing a separate “climate policy” bringing together all issues relating to world climate change.

The document, compiled by a climate policy task force, is expected to be released within a fortnight after endorsement by shadow cabinet.

The Opposition Environment spokesman, Senator Chris Puplick, said yesterday: “The policy will take in the greenhouse effect, the ozone layer, industrial pollution, recycling, tree-planting and climate research.

“At the moment these issues are scattered over a number of policies and it’s an attempt to integrate them and find out where there might be any gaps. Obviously, it will also update things in the light of new standards being set and new technology being introduced.”

Senator Puplick criticised the proposal by the Federal Environment Minister, Senator Graham Richardson, for a referendum to increase the Commonwealth’s powers to override the States on environmental issues.

“I think it is just a bit of very silly kite-flying in the sense that firstly you would have enormous problems in actually drawing up a piece of legislation to amend the Constitution,” he said.

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3 June 2011: Barnaby Joyce makes clear in the SMH the Coalition’s Direct Action policy is just a meaningless ”gesture” for global climate change.  (Mark Butler’s epic Direct Action timeline)