June 2, 2012 – Vale Deni Greene, greenhouse economics modeller

In the period 1990-1991 fierce battles were fought over the cost of action on climate change. The pro-action side obviously said it would be cheap/would pay for itself. Those opposed to action predictably said the sky would fall. So, economic modelling got used, back and forth. One of those called upon to produce ‘it can be done without bankrupting us all’ reports was American Deni Greene, who died on this day in 2012.

Here’s an obituary
Deni Greene grew up on the East Coast of the US and held a senior position in the California EPA immediately prior to coming to Australia in the 1980’s to join the Victorian EPA . Deni later went on to run her own consulting business. I first met Deni around 1995, when she was nominated by CFA to the Standards Australia committee on environmental labelling. In that role, she demonstrated a rare ability to take complex scientific concepts and draw out the practical implications for the average consumer.

Deni went on to play a significant part in international standardisation, initially in the ISO committee on Environmental Management; and then as leading figure in the development of ISO 26000 on Social Responsibility. Deni was also a respected expert on ethical investment and developed the handbook, A Capital Idea – Realising value from environmental and social performance, published by Standards Australia in 2001.

Deni will be remembered as a forceful advocate for both sustainability and ethical conduct on a global stage. Not just a theoretician, Deni put those principles into practice in her own life. She could also be extremely thoughtful, taking time to recognise those whom others took for granted.

Deni leaves this world a better place for her actions. I am proud to have known her as a colleague and a friend.

– by John Henry

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