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May 10, 1978 – Women’s Weekly warns of warming…

On this day in 1978 the Australian “Women’s Weekly” published a piece  “Life in the Year 2000.”  Climate change got a mention…

1979 05 10 title


1978 05 10 part two

Also on this day-

1997 Lunn, S. 1997. Greens let off gas over greenhouse. The Australian, 10 May, p.45.

SCIENTISTS continue to make dire predictions about the effect of greenhouse gases despite clear evidence the planet will not be as badly affected as first thought, a leading atmospheric scientist says.

Former Nasa space scientist Dr Brian O’Brien said self-interested scientists and conservation groups propped up the “greenhouse industry” with exaggerated claims in order to preserve their respective patches.


2007 Swan versus Costello in Parliament on the 2003 emissions trading scheme