May 9, 2009 – CPRS negotiations revealed

So, the CPRS legislation was up and running, after the debacle of the White Paper in December 2008.  And the legislation even had some green support…. And journos like Lenore Taylor and Mike Steketee were trying to contextualise it all –

WHEN Penny Wong did the rounds of environmental and business groups last week, they suddenly found her more receptive to their arguments.

What were the key things they needed to be able to support the Government’s climate change package, she asked. The Climate Change Minister had a fair idea because she had heard their demands often enough, but this time she wasn’t fending them off. Kevin Rudd, Wayne Swan and Wong already had decided on a new strategy to try to get the Government out of the political bunker.

Steketee, M. 2009. Cool compromise. The Australian, 9 May, p.18.

(Compare and contrast with Lenore Taylor’s ‘The Minister of Cool’ thing)

Also on this day-

1989 Canberra Times We Will All be Flooded (TV Guide thing)

2016 – “At 9.40 am local time on Monday May 9th the turbines at Alinta’s 520 megawatt Northern Power Station at Port Augusta disconnected from the grid for the last time.” (source)


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