April 12, 1993 – Enviro-economics gaining respectability? Er…

The good ship “System” is always about to right itself, set out on the right course. Our lords and masters are always just about to take notice of the sage advice of sages. Oh yes.
On this day 24 years ago, Brent Davis, then director of trade and policy research with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, wrote a piece about ‘enviro-economics’ in the Canberra Times.Thanks to the wonders of digitised newspapers, you can read it (follow the link).
Davis, B. 1993. Enviro-economics gathers respectability. Canberra Times, 12 April, p.11.

Thank goodness he was right, or we would all be toast, wouldn’t we?

Also on this day-
1992 How sustainable is our energy future?; Australian Institute of Energy 1992 conference; Canberra (Australia); Canberra (Australia); 12-14 Apr 1992;

2000 Australian Greenhouse Conference, ENVIRO 2000, Sydney.  With Australian Ambassador for the Environment… Ralph Hillman… (later boss of the Australian Coal Association…)

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