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March 15, 2006 – “Clean Coal”. Yeah. Of course.

By 2006 things were shifting on climate change. The US and Australian governments, in response to the Kyoto Protocol’s passage into international law had set up a spoiler-outfit called the Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate, which had some nice (but slightly vague) words about Technology.
In 2004 a ‘Coal 21’ “Action” “Plan” had been announced. Now, at last, came some money.

AUSTRALIA’S black coal industry is raising up to $300 million from its members to invest in developing clean coal technologies as part of a plan to give itself an acceptable future in a world increasingly focused on greenhouse issues.

The fund, to be known as the Coal21 Fund, will raise its money over five years and will invest in the commercialisation of technologies such as coal gasification and geosequestration (the burying of greenhouse emissions deep underground).

Myer, R. 2006. Black coal fund to help brown cut down on greenhouse. The Age,  16 March.

And how did it all end?  How do you think?  The ACALET fund’s terms of reference were  rejigged to allow the money raised to be spent on promoting coal use. #colourmeamazed