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March 10, 2010 – ABC boss calls climate change ‘groupthink’

The mass media, for various reasons, has done a piss-poor job on explaining climate change and the seriousness of the threats we face.

One reason is the amount of ‘flak’ (the term is stolen from Herman and Chomsky) that that comes its way whenever it does do any reporting on the matter.  On this day in 2010, the Howard-appointed chair of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Maurice Newman gave a speech to senior ABC staff. Here’s the beginning of a report on the ABC later that day

The Chairman of the ABC Maurice Newman has attacked the media for being too willing to accept the conventional wisdom on climate change.
In a speech to senior ABC staff this morning he said climate change was an example of “group-think”.
Contrary views had not been tolerated, and those who expressed them had been labelled and mocked.
Mr Newman has doubts about climate change himself and says he’s waiting for proof either way.

There’s a lot on the Australian media’s role in climate change awareness.  Here’s some links from an article I wrote about the National Press Club and climate change.

“Australia’s experience has been extensively studied – see here, here,here, here, here, here, here and here. For starters.”