March 3, 1990 – Report: “Energy efficiency could save carbon, and $6.5bn a year”

In June 1988 a conference in Toronto had flagged climate change as a Really Serious Thing and suggested that rich countries cut their emissions so poor countries could grow theirs a bit (but also argued everyone was going to have to change their ways) The ‘Toronto Target’ was for  a 20% reduction in rich countries emissions by 2005. .  That contributed to a growing awareness of climate change in Australia.  In mid-1989 then Environment Minister Graham Richardson had tried to get this through Cabinet. Then Treasurer Paul Keating put the kibbosh on that.  But the wheels were turning. In late 1989 a-CRA (now known as Rio Tinto)-funded report found the costs of the Toronto Target would  be enormous.  On this day in 1990 a report called “A Greenhouse Energy Strategy”,  commissioned by the Federal Environment Department and written by Demi Greene Associates, was released, and found otherwise…

“AUSTRALIA could save money and drastically reduce emissions of greenhouse gas if it became energy efficient, a report released yesterday revealed.

The report, A Greenhouse Energy Strategy, commissioned by the Federal Environment Department, found that by the year 2005, Australia could reduce its carbon dioxide output by almost 19 per cent on 1988 levels, resulting in annual savings of $6.5 billion.

Mealey, E. 1990. Energy cuts could save $6.5bn a year. Sun Herald, 4 March, p. 37

Also on this day-

2014 ” Climate Change Authority (Abolition) Bill 2013 is voted Down: The Senate votes against abolishing the CCA for a third time. This Bill will no longer proceed” (source)

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