Coming up – Gillard’s death warrant, dirty dozens, a 1981 warning (ignored)

Last week on this site we had the usual seven ‘on this day’ posts, which covered the CSIRO admitting it let industry funders bury inconvenient research (14 Feb 2007), John Howard rubbishing Kyoto in 2005, and a possibly link between climate change and suicide rates.  There were also two posts about the incredible Scott Morrison ‘lump of coal’ debacle – one that was a failed Conversation article, the other a grab of a fantastic letter in the Australian Financial Review pointing out what a lump of silicon of the same weight could provide.

This coming week sees blog posts about the unshameable Dirty Dozen,  clean coal hype, the day Julia Gillard signed her own death warrant, and a 1981 discussion of the dangers of coal burning. Yes, 1981.

As always, it would be good to hear your thoughts…(Unless you deny basic 19th century physics, and/or are incapable of googling basic facts. If that’s the case, let’s not waste each other’s time and bandwidth, ‘kay?)

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