Feb 6, 2007 – Rudd asks Howard about that pesky 2003 Emissions Trading Scheme proposal

On this day ten years ago, in Parliament, Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd asked  Prime Minister Howard if a submission proposing an emission trading scheme went before cabinet in August 2003 and if that proposal was rejected.

Mr RUDD (Leader of the Opposition) (2:50 PM) —My question is to the Prime Minister. Did a submission proposing an emissions-trading scheme go to cabinet in August 2003? Was that proposal rejected?
Mr HOWARD (Prime Minister) —I do not carry in my head the details of every submission that has gone to cabinet. Let me simply say that our position in relation to an emissions-trading system is that we have, at present, at work a joint task group between the government and the business community. Tomorrow that task group will be releasing a discussion paper which deals with these matters.

Actually, it came to cabinet in July 2003 – a joint submission of the Treasurer and the Environment Minister, supported by others.   Howard  deferred the matter for a month, then rushed through some economic modelling and  talked to some of his business mates. IN August at Cabinet he unilaterally rejected it.  A matter to which we will return…

Also on this day –

In 1995 a coalition of industry groups sent out five news releases, under the banner ‘Carbon Tax Threatens Regional Jobs’,

(a tactic used in the ‘Let’s Cut Emissions, Not Jobs’ television campaign of late 2009 too)

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