Jan 17, 1995 – Economic ministries throw their weight around on carbon tax…

According to Peter Gill, a well-connected journalist working for the Australian Financial Review, the government department seeking to introduce a carbon tax of up to $5 a tonne got schooled in who exactly runs the policy show over the course of the evening of Tuesday (17th) and the morning of Weds (18th) January 1995.  The economic ministries pointed out that

“the Government’s greenhouse response is an economic issue as much as an environmental issue. As such, greenhouse was not his province alone. That stand demanded a substantial rewriting of a confidential greenhouse options paper in the hours before it hit the fax to industry and environmental groups. The most significant change saw a mooted carbon tax of up to $5 a tonne of CO2 in the near-final draft chopped to a $1.25 a tonne tax.”

Gill, P. 1995. Ministerial rewrite softens carbon tax. The Australian Financial Review, 20 January. p.2.

This is how the game is played. Come back on October 11th, and learn about the Interim Planning Target of 1990. There’s always someone with a sharp pen – the bureaucratic equivalent of a sock full of wet sand…

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