Jan 13, 2009 – Aborigines to feel climate shift the most

On this day in 2009, an editorial report – Disproportionate burdens: the multidimensional impacts of climate change on the health of Indigenous Australians– in the Medical Journal of Australia about the impacts of climate warming for Aborigines living in report parts of Australia got at least some media coverage.

The researchers – – wrote that with temperatures in the tropical north and interior tipped to rise by three degrees Celsius by 2050, worsening already searing summer heat, the government needs to urgently improve Aboriginal health and housing.

See also:  Green, D. and Minchin, L. 2014:Living on Climate-Changed Country: Indigenous Health, Well-Being and Climate Change in Remote Australian Communities. Ecohealth

Also on this day –

1993 – ACF and ACTU launch “Green Jobs in Industry” – Noakes, 1993, reen left weekly

1995 – Australian Conservation Foundation launched a proposal for an  $850 million annual carbon tax to cut Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Milburn (1995) reported that

“Exports would be exempted from the levy, which would apply to all suppliers of fossil fuels in Australia. Suppliers of natural gas, electricity, and petrol would be some of the industries hit by the levy, which would be set at $2.20 per tonne of emitted carbon dioxide.”

Milburn, C. 1995. ACF Launches Carbon Tax Plan. The Age, 14 January, p.5.


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