Jan 12, 2006 – Protests at “AP6” talks in Sydney

On this day in 2006, protests marked the opening of the first meeting of the so-called ‘Asia Pacific Partnership for Clean Development and Climate’ (AP6) in Sydney.  The group, an attempt to slow down or replace the Kyoto Protocol, which had finally lumbered into force in February 2005, was a US idea (under Bush Jnr) that the Australians had been permitted to launch.

From Peatling – Protesters heap coal on an effigy of John Howard

According to Sydney Morning Herald reporter Stephanie Peatling, over 100 protesters  gathered opposite the Four Seasons Hotel to protest against the exclusion of environmental representatives from the AP6 meeting. (From the photo (and another I’ve seen) it looks like a Greenpeace-organised effort.)

Inside, according to Richard Black,

I have rarely seen a room-full of journalists as stunned as the group there were, as US energy secretary Samuel Bodman told us that private companies would solve climate change because the people in charge of them cared.

“I believe that the people who run the private sector, who run these companies – they too have children, they too have grandchildren, they too live and breathe in the world, and they would like things dealt with effectively; and that’s what this is all about,” he said.

The single word “Enron” traversed a hundred brains.


Black, R. 2006. Climate 2006: Rhetoric up, action down. BBC, December 29.

Peatling, S. 2006. Nuclear question looms large at climate change talks. Sydney Morning Herald, 12 January.

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