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Jan 9, 1995 – Efficiency is better than a tax, says business. Of course.

Recycling the rather expensive NIEIR study they’d commissioned in 1992 and launched at least twice in 1994,the Electricity Supply Association of Australia made a Federal budget submission on this day in 1995.  They argued that energy efficiency savings would outstrip the carbon tax then being proposed by Federal Environment Minister John Faulkner. Oh, and export industries (that’d be aluminium, a major consumer of ‘leccy) would be hardest hit.

Gill, P. 1995. Energy efficiency outstrips gains of carbon tax: study. The Australian Financial Review, 9 January.

The sky, it’s always about to fall…

And what’s this, exactly 9 years later, after the carbon tax was beaten and a ‘Greenhouse Challenge’ instituted instead….

Media Release from the Shadow Minister for Sustainability, the Environment & Heritage Member for Wills Friday, 9 January 2004

Scores quit Greenhouse Challenge

Seventy-seven companies dropped out of the Howard Government’s Greenhouse Challenge Program last year. By 30 June, 50 companies had left, according to the response to a Question on Notice I lodged in October, while another 27 companies left between July and December.

These companies left rather than comply with the reporting requirements of the Greenhouse Challenge Program.

It is increasingly clear that Australian companies are losing interest in reporting their greenhouse gas emissions, let alone containing them.

Companies are exiting the Greenhouse Challenge Program because the message they are getting from the Howard Government in not ratifying the Kyoto Protocol is that this Government is not fair dinkum on greenhouse.

They are taking the view that if the Government is not interested in the climate change issue, why should they bother making an effort?

The Howard Government’s Greenhouse strategy seems to be unravelling at the very time when the evidence says we need it the most.

Just yesterday the largest collaboration of scientists ever to study the impact of climate change on wildlife has concluded that climate change is the biggest new extinction threat.

I am today writing to the Greenhouse Office seeking a briefing on the extent of reporting compliance by companies signed up to the Greenhouse Challenge Program. The public is entitled to know how many companies are actually reporting their greenhouse emissions, and what these figures reveal.