Jan 3, 1992 – Greenpeace vs POTUS on Climate Change

1992 02 02.pngOn this day, 25 years ago, Greenpeace Australia – cashed up and spoiling for a fight – took out adverts in Sydney and Canberra newspapers. The adverts (see the image!) called on President Bush Snr (visiting Australia at the time) to cut US emissions. Greenpeace also asked him to stop playing a spoiling game on the negotiations for a United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.  

Despite his 1988 election promises, Bush had been foot-dragging on climate change.  Thanks to the influence of sceptics on his staff, he  had been threatening to not attend the June 1992 ‘Earth Summit’ if the text to be signed included targets and timetables for emissions reductions.  Mindful of the disaster that had been the International Law of the Sea, the French blinked; the targets and timetables were removed.  Everything since then has been an attempt to get actual targets and actual timetables back in.  Oh well….


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