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July 18th, 1996 – COP 2 meeting (Geneva) outcome is ‘noted’

COP 2 took place in July 1996 in Geneva, Switzerland. Its Ministerial Declaration was noted (but not adopted) July 18, 1996, and reflected a U.S. position statement presented by Timothy Wirth, former Under Secretary for Global Affairs for the U.S. State Department at that meeting, which:
1. Accepted the scientific findings on climate change proffered by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its second assessment (1995);
2. Rejected uniform “harmonized policies” in favor of flexibility;
3. Called for “legally binding mid-term targets”.
[Text stolen from wikipedia]

This is the one where the Australian Coal Association brought someone from the CFMEU along to warn about job losses…. (I shall dig that up)
See this, from
robert hill at geneva
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