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July 13th, 2011 The “Waubra Foundation” blades fall off…

UPDATE: The Waubra Foundation lives!!  See “corrections” for an email from its CEO!

The Waubra Foundation is a front or astroturf group created by Peter Mitchell on March 1, 2010 to oppose wind farming in Australia. It was registered with Business Affairs as an incorporated body on that date but later deregistered on July 13, 2011


Never mind though, there’s always more wind-farm opposition to be facilitated.

Also on this day

1989 One of those meetings in Paris, eh?

Economic Declaration adopted on 16 July 1989, in Paris at the Summit of the seven major industrial nations, the Heads of State or Government of those countries and the President of the Commission of the European Communities supported the decision of the World Meteorological Organization to establish a global reference network to detect climate change, agreed that a framework convention on climate was urgently required and recognized that specific protocols with commitments could develop within this framework


“On 13 July 2009 the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Lateline program featured the author of a recent book on climate change politics, (Lord) Anthony Giddens from the London School of Economics. He showed how successful this approach of promoting uncertainty was, telling the interviewer that in his surveys of populations in different countries an average 40 per cent of respondents were sceptical that scientists agreed about anthropogenic climate change. The actual case, said Giddens, was that perhaps one per cent of scientists working in the field of climate change remained sceptical of the general message.”

(Taylor, M, 2014)

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