June 16th, 1972- Un Conference on the Human Environment ends

Forty three years ago today, in Stockholm, the UN Conference on the Human Environment ended.  It gave us… um… the United Nations Environment Programme.  And, um….

Meanwhile, 22 years after that (1994), business started telling the Keating Government how to throw out a drag anchor on the international negotiations around climate change (the UNFCCC had entered into force, and the first meeting was happening in March of 1995. Pressure was building for real targets, something that the previous US administration (Bush Snr) had scuppered.  Australian business knew that with Clinton in the Whitehouse, they could not rely on the US as “blocker”…

Gill, P. (1994) CALL TO FORM STRATEGIC ALLIANCES The Australian Financial Review 17th June

BUSINESS groups have called on the Federal Government to form strategic alliances with other countries to maximise its negotiating position in future climate change negotiations.The suggestion at yesterday’s round table follows widespread concern in the business community that Australia might be forced into a greenhouse response which is not in its interests.While the form of any alliance on greenhouse gas has not been spelt out, it could be modelled on the Cairns Group of 14 agricultural exporters which played a key role in the Uruguay Round of world trade talks.It is understood the Cairns Group model has been informally discussed by industry representatives concerned that Australia will have little influence in the negotiations.A paper prepared for yesterday’s round table by the Australian Coal Association and the Australian Mining Industry Council says it is “high time we stopped mouthing undefinable expressions” and pursued more precision in a so-called “burden-sharing agreement”.

Also on this day
1981 Jules Charney dies
2004 Howard launches idiotic energy white paper, with minimal mention of climate change (plus ca change, eh?)

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