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June 13th, 2009 – Drax coal train action

On this day in 2009

Climate change campaigners have hijacked a train carrying coal to Britain’s biggest power station, swarming on to the roof of its 20 huge trucks.

The 40 protesters stopped the regular delivery service to Drax in Yorkshire disguised as railway workers in yellow warning jackets and waving red flags, having read up on standard railway safety rules.

The ambush took place at an iron girder bridge over the river Aire between the villages of Gowdall and West Bank at 8am BST. One group then used the bridge girders and climbing equipment to scale the 12ft high trucks.

They hoisted a huge banner reading “Leave it in the ground” – referring to the coal destined for the power station’s furnaces. The protesters carried food, water and even a portable lavatory with the intention of being able to remain on board for several days.


Two things worthy of note

a) The activists were convicted, and then their convictions quashed and expenses paid, because one of them was the notorious under-cover cop, Mark Kennedy.

b) There was a ‘re-do’ by Greenpeace in 2014 that got very little media coverage.

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