June 9th, 2005 – 24 MNCs claim they support climate measures.

“on June 9, 2005, 24 large multinationals, including U.S. firms Hewlett-Packard and Ford, issued a statement in which they supported climate change measures, and pressured the G8 to adopt climate stabilization targets and set up a long-term, global climate change regime that would extend to 2030 at least, including a market-based system of emissions trading (World Economic Forum, 2005).”

Kolk, A. and Pinkse, J. (2007) Multinationals’ Political Activities on Climate Change Business & Society Volume 46 Number 2  201-228, p. 202

That would be this.



So, the Brits try to mobilise the scientists (see June 7th post). And business. And there was the ‘make poverty history’ thing.

And what is the result, ten years later?

We’re toast.

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