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May 31st, 1996 – Charlie Sheen is a rocket scientist. No, really.  #Climate dramedy film….

arrivalOn May 31st 1996 “The Arrival” is released.  Charlie Sheen plays a scientist (no, really) who stumbles on an interplanetary conspiracy.  Is it worth watching? Only for one amazing scene between him and his ex-boss, Ron Silver.  But to tell you it would spoil it.  Suffice to say, there’s a very convincing explanation of why we’ve done so little about carbon emissions. No, really.

Also on this day

1981 Barbara Ward dies
1994 Speech by R Oyela Estrada at Royal Geographical Society (see Agrawala article  on AGGG)  See “Frankenstein Syndrome” piece in New Scientist”)
2007 ‘Shergold Report’ released: The Prime Ministerial Task Group on Emissions Trading releases the ‘Shergold Report’ which recommends Australia develop an emissions trading scheme.

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