May 30th 2007 Australian Labor Party promises big climate action. Oh dear.

“The Labor Party, led by Kevin Rudd, promised a more progressive approach. It pledged to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, establish a target of reducing Australia’s emissions by 60 per cent on 2000 levels by 2050 and create an emissions trading scheme by 2010.”

(Macintosh, 2008 :52)

  1. Rudd An Action Agenda for Climate Change, Annual Fraser Lecture, Belconnen Labor Club, Canberra, 30 May 2007 (Australian Labor Party, Canberra: 2007).

It all went very very wrong, of course.  See Chubb, (2014) for one account of how and why.

Also on this day

1990 Midnight Oil concert in New York, outside Exxon HQ
1995 Australian Mining Industry Council (soon to become the Minerals Council of Australia) shifts its posture, if not its actual position at its AGM, after getting Geoff Allen to do a review, which concluded they were on the nose… – see Davis, M. (1995) MINING COUNCIL DOES POST-MABO REVAMP BRW 29 May
1996 Flak letter about Ben Santer to IPCC chair Bert Bolin et al from the Global Climate Coalition(Bolin 2007, 130)

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