Daily Archives: May 27, 2015

May 27th, 1962 – Centralia coal seam fire detected. Still burning today…

“The Centralia mine fire is a coal seam fire that has been burning underneath the borough of Centralia, Pennsylvania, United States since at least May 27, 1962. The cause of the fire is suspected to be from a trash burning that hit a coal strip in a cave. The fire burns in underground coal mines at depths of up to 300 feet over an eight-mile stretch of 3,700 acres.[1] As of 2014, the fire continues to burn. At its current rate, it could burn for over 250 more years.”

Er, Simpsons Tire Yard, much?

Also on this day

1919 – The NC-4 aircraft arrives in Lisbon after completing the first transatlantic flight.

1927 – The Ford Motor Company ceases manufacture of the Ford Model T and begins to retool plants to make the Ford Model A.

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