May 23rd, 2013- “Australia’s Energy & Climate Change Dilemma – the case for emergency action”

Two years ago today, ex Australian Coal Association boss Ian Dunlop gave the following talk in Canberra –

“Australia’s Energy & Climate Change Dilemma – the case for emergency action”
Introduced by Shane Rattenbury, ACT Minister for Territory and Municipal Services

Legislative Assembly
196 London Circuit, Canberra
5.30 – 6.30pm
Thursday 23 May 2013

Australia is currently living in a ‘Fool’s Paradise’, ignoring the most critical issues which will impact upon this country in both the short and long term. Weighty reports are being published on the ‘official’ future of Australia. Scenarios abound, setting out the implications of differing assumptions for the future of our children and grandchildren. All of which would be laudable were it not for the fact that the critical scenario, of accelerating anthropogenic climate change and resource scarcity particularly peak oil, is deliberately ignored – apparently too scary for ‘political realism’ to contemplate.
Whether business or politics like it or not, climate change and peak oil are going to be the key drivers of policy from now on. However, matters have been allowed to drift for so long that both climate change and peak oil can only now be solved by emergency action.
Australia has enormous ingenuity, low-carbon resources and opportunities, but only if we are honest about the real challenge and initiate our own emergency response.”

ian dunlop versus bhpDunlop has been trying to raise alarm levels about climate change for quite some time now, and regularly tries to get onto the board of BHP…

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