May 13th, 1950 – Formula One racing inaugurated

Humans like speed.  Until the coming of the train in the 1830s, fastest you could go (other than falling from a height – not recommended) was a galloping horse.

There’s a whole set of enjoyable French pontificating about the meaning of speed (I’m thinking Paul Virilio and ‘dromology’ [or, ‘time-space compression’, which sounds like something Matt Smith’s Doctor would shout about while looking soulful/mournful.])

Which is all a very long way of saying, on this day in 1950, Formula One got under way, at Silverstone.  And the worship of the infernal combustion engine,the noise, the power, the petrol – continues unabated. Oh well.

Also on this day

1912 “The Royal Flying Corps, the forerunner of the Royal Air Force, is established in the United Kingdom.” (wikipedia)

2014 “An explosion at an underground coal mine in south-western Turkey kills 301 miners.”  (wikipedia)

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