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May 7th, 2001 – Climate versus the (blessed) “American Way of Life”

“The President believes that it’s an American way of life, and that it should be the goal of policy-makers to protect [it]. The American way of life is a blessed one . . . The President also believes that the American people’s use of energy is a reflection of the strength of our economy, of the way of life that the American people have come to enjoy.”

President Dubya Bush’s press officer, Ari Fleischer.

Also on this day

2012 – PORTLAND Activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., chief prosecuting attorney for Hudson Riverkeeper and president of the Waterkeeper Alliance, spoke to the crowd. Kennedy said that coal would corrupt politicians, damage health and the environment and “turn government agencies into the sock puppets of the industries they’re supposed to regulate.”

Kennedy, activists rally in Portland against exporting coal from Northwest ports” Scott Learn, Oregonian, May 7, 2012.

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