Aprli 23rd, 2004 US administrator wants scientists to be ‘minded’ during interviews

In an [23rd April 2004] email to Chester Koblinsky, director of the Climate Science Program Office, NOAA Deputy Administrator James R. Mahoney urges that media requests for interviews with scientists be redirected to the agency’s public affairs office and that public affairs officers listen in on the interviews.
page 10 of Redacting the Science of Climate Change

And a year before?

In an April 23, 2003, memo, former CEQ Chief of Staff Philip Cooney discussed the controversial Soon-Baliunas study refuting climate change with Kevin O’Donovan, an aide to Dick Cheney. According to the committee chairman, Cooney wrote, “we plan to begin referring to this study on administration communications on climate change… It represents an opening to potentially reinvigorate debate on the actual climate history of the past thousand years.”
 page 95 Redacting the Science of Climate Change: AN INVESTIGATIVE AND SYNTHESIS REPORT
By Tarek Maassarani Government Accountability Project March 2007

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