April 22nd, 1996 – Denialists smearing the IPCC’s Second Assessment Report

“A more organised opposition to the IPCC’s conclusions began in the USA on Earth Day (22 April 1996), with a message distributed widely, including to every member of the US Congress, and with the first issue of the State of the Climate Report attached in which the IPCC conclusions were challenged. However, just as this report was about to be published, the Union of Concerned Scientists denounced it in a press release, based on earlier contributions to the media debate about global warming by the man in charge, Patrick Michaels: “The forthcoming climate change report sponsored by Western Fuels Association is like a lung cancer study funded by the tobacco industry.””

(Bolin, 2007: 128)

Also on this day

1990 New South Wales conservative premier Nick Greiner gives a speech – “The new environmentalism : a conservative perspective”

1998 Hockey Stick paper (Michael Mann) published

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