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April 8th, 2003- Frank Luntz points out climate action is a slippery slope…

Republican strategist Frank Luntz, writing in the April 8th 2003 edition of the Wall Street Journal, (shortly after his infamous memo was leaked) says –

“Once Republicans concede that greenhouse gases must be controlled, it will only be a matter of time before they end up endorsing more economically damaging regulation…..”


And, so, better to have ideological certainty and purity on a wrecked planet…  It’s not a new story – a New York Times editorial from the 70s wondered if the reason car makers had resisted safety legislation so vociferously might be down to not wanting to concede the point that some regulation, sometimes, is both necessary and sensible…

Also on this day –

2008 The construction of the world’s first building to integrate wind turbines is completed in Bahrain.

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