March 15, 2000 General Motors pulls out of the “Global Climate Coalition”

The Global Climate Coalition was set up in 1989 by the (American) National Association of Manufacturers, who were nervous that this global warming scare might lead to unnecessary and Stalinist regulations…

The GCC had many many successes, but after a couple of (European) oil companies – BP and Shell left in 96/97 (after some particularly brutal GCC shenanigans), it became a little trickier to present the GCC a united business front.  After the defeat of Kyoto in the United States, the reputational risk for individual companies – especially ones that face the public – began to outweigh the benefits of staying in the GCC.  Other automobile companies followed GM to the exit, and the GCC folded a couple of years later, its mission basically accomplished…

For more on this, see here.


Other things that happened on this day

1988 press conference of Ozone Trends Panel “These results were formalised on 15 March 1988, when the Ozone Trends Panel called a press conference to publicise their conclusions. The group’s members found both evidence of ozone layer depletion and substantial proof of its cause.” Rowlands (1995) Page 57

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