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March 1, 2007: Venture capitalist John Doerr (TED) talks about our fubarredness…



John Doerr (venture capitalist) gives TED talk

“I don’t think we’re going to make it,” John Doerr says in an emotional talk about climate change and investment. To create a world fit for his daughter to live in, he says, we need to invest now in clean, green energy.

Venture capitalists are used to thinking about risky investments (the clue is in the name), and to looking at the future as it might well be (as opposed to how you’d like it to be). They’re generally comfortable with scientists and technologists, and so it’s no surprise that some of the sharpest words are coming from them..

Other things that happened on this day: 2010 Phil jones testimony in the fall out from “Climategate”

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