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Feb 28, 2003: Business Council of Australia becomes ‘neutral’ on Kyoto Protocol

The BCA releases a statement (first paragraphs below)

Kyoto Position

28 February 2003

The Business Council of Australia said today that its Members had been unable to reach a common position on the Kyoto Protocol, citing a lack of definitive information about the protocol’s impacts and opportunities for business, as well as divergent views among its membership.

“Given the divergent conclusions in the existing protocol research, as well as strongly-held differences of opinion between members on the business impacts of the protocol, the BCA is not in a position at this time to either support or reject ratification of the protocol,” BCA Chief Executive Ms Katie Lahey said.

Ms Lahey said, however, that BCA Members would continue to actively support and work toward achieving Australia’s 108 per cent Kyoto target in ways that benefited Australia’s competitive position.

“It is clear that BCA Members are united in their view that climate change remains a key issue for Australia’s corporate sector,” she said.

This followed a prolonged internal tussle, described well in Clive Hamilton’s 2007 book “Scorcher”

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