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Feb 24, 2011: Gillard government and Greens hold climate media conference

Gillard and the Greens announce that there will be a functioning carbon price by mid-2012…

(Packham, Ben; Massola, James (24 February 2011). “Australia to have carbon price from July 1, 2012, Julia Gillard announces”. The Australian.)


Gillard had, just before the 2010 election uttered the immortal lines “ There will be no carbon tax in any government I lead.”

Whoops. The election had resulted in a hung parliament, and in order to get the support of the enough other MPs (including a Green), Gillard had to agree to… an emissions trading scheme. The vehemence and vitriol of the anti-Gillard campaign in 2011 was extraordinary, even by Australian standards… More on this later.

Other things that happened on this day:

1989 Global Warming Hearings before the subcommittee on energy and power of the Committee on Energy and Commerce of the (US) House of Representatives

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